Prior to this class, I had never watched a single episode of Dr. Who. I had heard of it, and seen it in the 2011 Guiness Book of World Records as the longest running sci-fi TV show, most successful sci-fi TV show, and the largest fiction series (pertaining to the official Doctor Who books). Other than that, I really didn’t know what to expect. Not knowing what to expect is a good thing because I watched the first episode with an open mind, and an eagerness to know who in the world this Dr. Who was.

The first episode, although entertained me, and kept me interested, did not quite impress me with the graphics and the acting. But then again, since sci fi is a very difficult genre to capture in all that it is meant and thought of to be, the cinematography could be pardoned. The acting, I could get used to. The humor is not the humor I usually take a liking to, but the, at times, corny lines still got me laughing. I do not watch a lot of sci fi TV shows, but I do enjoy the craziness and out-of-this-world-ness (literally) of sci fi.

Although I don’t think it was fitting as the first episode of the series, (the second one seemed to be a better introduction) I still enjoyed this episode. The cinematography seemed to be a bit low budget- looking, but the moving mannequins looked believable enough. I loved the idea of moving mannequins because this is something I’ve always thought about (actually, more like been afraid of). I liked the mannequins as villains, and it was a good storyline, but not an appropriate introduction to the show.

The introduction to the character of Dr. Who was a bit confusing because there were no noticeable signs of his identity as a doctor, so he obviously is not an actual doctor. This arouses curiosity about his true identity and the reason why he calls himself a doctor in the first place. This curiosity is what will keep the audience looking to the next shows, which will obviously lead to some greater explanation.

I’m not quite sure if I like Billie Piper as Rose or Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor. Initially, I actually found Billie Piper a bit annoying, but grew on me by the end of the episode. I’m not sure how convincing Christopher Eccleston is as the Doctor (partly because of his outfit). I am also left a bit confused as to what their relationship is supposed to be. Obviously (hopefully) the nature of their relationship will be let on into the series. But if it is a romantic relationship, I don’t think that this pair would be too convincing.

The show is obviously not a serious one, and the humor may take some getting used to. Although this was the first episode of Dr. Who that I have ever seen, it was not as difficult to understand as I thought it would be. I’m hoping that this show will open my mind to science fiction, especially because it is something I enjoy, but somehow never watch TV shows of. I am looking at the rest of the series not as a challenge, but as a discovery. Dr. Who, please be kind to the noob in me.