I grew excited for this episode when I saw the teaser after the second episode. I saw how they were dressed, and the appearance of Charles Dickens. I have to say, I may have even gotten a bit giddy. I have always seen sci-fi as concerning the future, or even the present with weird stuff going on, but I never thought of how this would be shown in the distant past. The first episode was set in the present, the second in the future, and the third in the past. You’re bound to take a liking to one of these. Good strategizing on the part of the show’s creators.

The sci-fi-ness of the show was brushed off just a bit, from the heaviness of the last episode. It was easier to digest for the non sci fi fans, as ghosts are not as unusual for us to see as paper thin humans and alien trees. It was bizarre but interesting to see Charles Dickens as a large character in the plot. I guess this was their way of grounding the episode into that time period, as he is a famous icon that many can identify.

Once again, the unexplained “Time War” is mentioned, leaving us viewers curious and wanting to see the following episodes. Another clever strategic move by the creators, as the full identity of the Doctor remains unknown, and this “Time War” makes finding out all the more exciting.

The idea of ghost and corpses, although nothing new, is one of my admitted fears. Seeing them in this episode kept me on the edge of my seat, but somehow, I could not stop watching, as I just wanted to know what in the world was going on. I felt a sense of attachment and pity towards Gwyneth, which made it all the more touching (for lack of a better term) that she was the one who sacrificed herself in the end and did not receive any merit for what she did.

What was odd to me was that Charles Dickens did not seem so surprised at what was going on, at least not as surprised as he should have been. This made it seem a bit unrealistic. I guess it would have taken too much time to show him awestruck and dumbfounded, but they could have made the whole scenario more believable. Having Charles Dickens as one of the characters made this episode more memorable, because without him, it would have just been remembered as “that episode with ghosts in some random time in the past.” It would have been like many other shows/ scenarios that we’ve seen before.

Coming from the second episode, this ended up to be a bit lackluster for me, perhaps because the sci fi noob in me expected aliens and the like, and not ghosts. Yes, I’ll admit that the ghosts scared me a tiny bit, but I would have liked to see how else they could have used the past. I don’t think this could have been the best storyline for their first time travel to the past, but as I said earlier, it was a good idea to have the third episode set in the past.