Even I feel comforted with Rose being back home. I feel horrible for her mom, when they show her distressed and brought to tears upon seeing Rose. I can only imagine what 12 months of worrying must have felt like. Finally, Rose is back in London. And finally, we see an alien spaceship! One, for that matter, that looks pretty much like the typical spaceship we would imagine it to be. Seeing this got me excited. I was excited to see how they would show the aliens, would they be as typical as the spaceship?

The spaceship lands right in the middle of London, and it’s all over the news that aliens have landed on earth. Everyone is in panic, some even celebrating with signs that welcome them. This made me think, how would I react to the news of aliens landing? I would probably be scared out of my wits. I’d leave and go as far away as possible, or stay in my house (with locks that probably wont be of any use) and be glued to the television, looking for more news. This is how we all are during crises or calamities; we are constantly looking to the television for updates, and watching TV becomes both distressing and comforting. In this episode, they showed TV news reports, which was also a way for them to inform the audience of the show on what was happening. When the news of the alien body came out, I felt like I myself was watching the news, and images of aliens (or what I would think aliens looked like) popped into my head. Seeing the pig running around the hospital, I was shocked that that was how the aliens looked like. I actually believed it, and found it quite amusing. But further on when I realized that it was actually a fake, and that “aliens were faking aliens,” I thought that this was an interesting twist. It was not what I expected, and made the plot more complicated therefore capturing my attention even more. It was one thing to find out that they were disguised as officials, but seeing that they sent a decoy made me curious about how the plot was going to come together, and what the intentions of the aliens were.

The end of the show did not explain why they used a pig as a decoy, but it must be connected to the fact that all the human bodies that the aliens used as cover-ups almost resembled pigs (I hope that didn’t sound offensive). The farting, I though, was disgusting, but it’s always an easy laugh, so that probably got the attention of many. Having the aliens unzip the forehead of their human body was amusing, and it was a very alien-like thing to do. The actual look of the real aliens were very typical, as was the spaceship, but I thought they did the costumes quite well, because I actually grew afraid of them.

I liked this episode, and I liked the storyline. It was smart of them to use this storyline for more than one episode, because it is one that I think many will be captured by, especially with the cliffhanger. They ended it at the right time, just as it was starting to pick up, and just as the audience would start to piece things together.

With the Doctor giving Rose a key to the Tardis, the audience is assured that the Doctor and Rose will remain  “team” despite her hesitance about being away from her mom for so long. Also, the Doctor mentions his age to Rose (900 years old), giving the audience another piece of the puzzle that is the Doctor’s identity.