I’m glad that this was a two-part episode, the first of which was “Aliens of London” and “World War 3” because I liked seeing them back in London, and the storyline, although was the typical “alien invasion,” was still very entertaining. But I think they should have just kept the title at “Aliens of London” precisely because that’s what it was. I don’t think it was quite what “World War 3” would be.

In this episode, we get to see Rose’s mom, Jackie, and her boyfriend (or ex boyfriend?), Mickey, are the comic reliefs, and almost slapstick elements of the show. They are both quite amusing to watch, because they are the closest thing to ordinary human beings that we get to progressively, and closele get to observe, as all these weird things unfold. Rose, is obviously not as ordinary as they are anymore.

In this episode, they explained all the questions I had been left with from the previous one. Well, it wouldn’t be a very good two-part episode if it didn’t. I finally understand why those darn aliens kept farting when they were in their human bodies. Although this made for a very good laugh for most people, as I said in my earlier entry, I found this really disgusting. I also understood why they had to take the bodies of big-bodied human beings; I thought this was also another way to just make people laugh. Props to them, for providing elements that are (although shallowly) funny, but elements that make sense in the entirety of the story nonetheless.

My favorite part of the show, another question of mine that was answered in this episode, was the identity of Harriet Jones. I liked her in the previous episode, but didn’t quite understand what her purpose was. I could tell then that she was to be somewhat vital to the progression of the episodes. Throughout this episode, the Doctor kept saying that he knew her name, but could not remember how or why he knew her.  It was definitely a “nice one!” moment, when the Doctore revealed that she was going to be the future prime minister, and seeing her ordering around policemen in the site of the explosion. This is (hopefully) a sign that she will be back in future episodes. If you ask me, she should have a more permanent place in the show. She’s likeable, funny, and comforting.

This was a good following to the previous episode, because not only did they solve (as usual, but not a bad thing!) the predicament, but we get to see a bit more of Rose’s life, and are assured that she really will stay on as the Doctor’s companion. Everything is resolved now that both Mickey and her mom know what she’s up to, and she doesn’t leave anything hanging. I did find it a bit weird that the Doctor offered Mickey a chance to go with them, but of course he passed on the opportunity, allowing us to see that Rose will probably be his only companion throughout the show. Its not just the problem that is resolved, but also the bigger picture– the arrangements of rose with her mom and with the doctor. And now, she has a bag packed. This is when her real journey with the Doctor begins.