“This is the story of how I died.”

Well, I don’t think so. This is sooooo cliche. A character says “This is a story of how I died.” and they don’t die in the end! (Very Tangled isn’t it?) I would like it if for once, a character who says this would ACTUALLY DIE in the end. Not to bring down the spirit or anything. I just want these writers to stop being so predictable all the time. or better yet, just not make the characters say they will die when it’s obvious that they won’t.

Actually, the whole series 2 got very predictable that we eventually figured out half way through the season that Torchwood would play an important antagonist to the Doctor in the finale, that the cybermen would eventually return and of course, by some strange reason, the daleks would as well. But in spite of these, I still feel kind of satisfied still with the episode. Maybe it’s because I didn’t figure out that Mickey would be back as well!

Some aspects that made the story interesting were the ones that we were absolutely clueless about and was not explained in this cliffhanger episode. One is the identity of the sphere that supposedly cannot exist and the other is the reaon why the Doctor kept on wearing these 3d glasses (i thought they were like those “brainy specs”). But most of all, what really excited me was when the identity of the ghosts and the forms contained in the sphere were revealed and we confirmed our predictions! It was an ineviteble battle waiting to happen and it would be war! I thought that would be the coolest thing to happen now. Daleks vs. Cybermen and the world caught in between.