What can I say?

I told you so.

I knew from the beginning that Rose’s opening line in both the 12th and 13th episodes only mean metaphoric death. Of course, that is what people would assume if you suddenly vanish off the face of the universe into another parallel one. One of my friends then just started analyzing the situation and then ranted about how the Doctor was so stupid to have not figured out the whole thing in such a way that Rose and him didn’t have to part ways. (Of course I sympathize with him but the separation was inevitable because Billie Piper’s time in the cast was up) It was a heart breaking scene and seeing the character of Rose say goodbye to the Doctor and all the travelling for good was very emotional for me. Why wouldn’t I? We started the journey together and ended it together as well (me being a senior and all). It’s like I was also saying goodbye to the routines and whatnots just like her.

“Burning up a star just to say goodbye.”

One of the most touching lines I’ve heard the Doctor say. Although I would very much have loved it a million times more if he finished his first and last “i love you” to Rose. I could imagine how both parties were feeling at this moment – Rose thinking about how alone the Doctor would be now and the Doctor going through another rough goodbye as he always has for the past 900 years. Now, I’m still hacing second thoughts about whether or not I should continue watching the third series because I’m afraid I will have the “you can’t replace her” syndrome with the new companion. I’m scared that if I do continue and the new companion does not meet up to Rose like Tennant did with Eccleston, my view of the show would be affected.

But enough about the dramatics and going back to the epicness of the episode. I wasn’t totally satisfied with the DOOMSDAY title because there wasn’t actually a full blown massive attack launched by either side which is frsutrating because that was what I was counting on. The void had sucked them all in before any of the real action can take place. But I guess the meeting of the Cybermen and the Daleks were at least good. My favorite would be the exchange of words between the two cybermen and the dalek. It’s like they were two kids trying to outwit one another and picking on the hairs of their opponents. What made me laugh more was the thought that only one person was behind the voices of these machines. I could just imagine how he was doing it in the booth, holding different microphones and talking against himself.

Well, come to think of it. I wish the Doctor were as articulate as the Dalek and the Cybermen when they were baggering each other with insults. Even if they don’t have emotions, at least they got to say what they want to say to the other person. If so, the Doctor would have left Rose with more than just an “um…”