It was the same Christmas Eve but the Doctor was alone. There was no Rose anymore. It was the same time of the year when the 10th Doctor and Rose had their first adventure with the Sycorax but today, all he got was a lady in her wedding dress standing on the other side of the TARDIS.

Wait, they were in outer space.


The antagonist of the episode was the Empress of the Racnoss, half-humanoid, halp-spider. She was planning to use Donna’s activated energy to regain her ancient power. The Racnoss was the core of the Earth and the Empress wanted her family back. Nevertheless, she wasn’t successful as the Doctor revealed that he was from Gallifrey (yet another part of the Doctor’s puzzle) who once defeated the Racnoss and will do it again. He flooded the room with the water from River Thames but he was so caught up in his act. Maybe, he was just full of emotions at that very moment. Luckily, Donna said that he can stop now.

Donna was right, the Doctor needs someone to stop him.


Wow. This was the first time I saw the TARDIS in action. Take note, it was not just any action scene, the TARDIS was in the middle of the road chasing Donna in a taxi (driven by that same armed Santa last Christmas Special). But the TARDIS was never meant for such adventures, so that would probably be the first and last time we would see TARDIS make its way through the street with style.


Donna Noble was walking down the aisle when she suddenly glowed and disappeared. It turned out that the ancient Huon particles within her was activated and attracted by the TARDIS. Her groom- to-be was actually working for the antagonist and was using Donna to accomplish the plan. Honestly, I hate Lance. He’s the worst a man can ever be. She fooled Donna while she was actually in love with him. He didn’t even say sorry for everything he did. What a jerk!

In the end, Donna was devastated. She lost her job and her fiancé in one evening. The Doctor made snow to cheer her up and asked her if she wants to join him in the TARDIS. Donna refused and encouraged him to someone. At that very moment, I know that the Doctor misses Rose. Nevertheless, for me, Donna and the Doctor (not to mention their cool names together) would make a great team. Their personalities are actually matching and there is already chemistry (something not evident when Rose and the Doctor first met).

I miss Rose Tyler. But I wish all the best for the Doctor.