In the third episode of the first series, entitled the Unquiet Dead, we find The Doctor and Rose Tyler meeting with Charles Dickens, the famous writer of great stories such as “A Christmas Carol”,  “A Tale of Two Cities”, and “Great Expectations”. I find this episode as particularly interesting because it is technically the first time in this new set of series that The Doctor encounters a historically prominent figure of the past. In this episode, Charles Dickens appears to be the first in the line including William Shakespeare, Agatha Christie, Winston Churchill, and Vincent Van Gogh.

What makes Charles Dickens a particularly interesting character is how exceedingly suspicious he is of everything that is happening around him and The Doctor. At the first half of this episode, it is like Charles Dickens has that one quality that would be detrimental to your experience when traveling with The Doctor, close-mindedness. Because of his experiences before, he seems so sure of how the world is. If one thinks like that and meets The Doctor, one should be ready for a lot of disappointments then.

It is in Charles Dickens’ flaws though that we see the strengths of Rose Tyler as a character. She has this real willingness to believe anything. Even in the first episode entitled ‘Rose’ it might seem that this is one of the qualities that The Doctor looks for in his companions and what attracted him to her in the first place.  There will be a great number of things The Doctor will be showing people who will be tagging along with him. They have to be properly ready for that with open-mindedness.

One can also see the great effect that The Doctor has on his companions and even for those who just tag along. It doesn’t even matter that much how long they stay with the Doctor (whether it is just for one episode or more), he will still change them. Because of the great and wonderful things that he shows people, there is no choice but to give in to the wide possibilities that the universe has. This is what Charles Dickens gives into.  He gives into this world of possibilities that he was not so open to do so before.

This is one of the reasons why I like this episode. Because it becomes obvious as well what we as viewers need to have to watch Doctor Who. We do need an open mind to watch everything and also enjoy them. I like this episode because one way or another, it shows that we are all companions to The Doctor.