One of the things that I like about these episodes is that this is one of the first instances that show The Doctor making a huge miscalculation in traveling back to what we perceive to be present day. The Doctor said that they would be coming back twelve hours from when they last left off but instead came back twelve months from it. I always like these mistakes and miscalculations because quick passage of time always reveals change much more quickly. This gives a very easy way for conflicts to arise and these always makes stories much more interesting. Thinking about the later episode “The Eleventh Hour” with Matt Smith as The Doctor, this miscalculation of time traveling is the source of some of his problems, but then again, those problems are what makes these stories all the more interesting. Thinking about it now, I question why The Doctor didn’t just pop back to the proper time they were supposed to come out of anyway. He did realize his mistake of appearing in the wrong time but he doesn’t try to correct this anymore. I’m sure the crossing of his own timeline rule can’t possibly apply here because there isn’t really any big events blocking his way. Anyways, another thing that I would like to point out is the odd, gross humor that I believe all people instinctively have. This episode has a great way of exposing all that with all the farting sounds. It is all particularly disgusting. I don’t think anybody refused themselves a giggle when we were watching this in class though. Large, chubby, baby faced aliens with claws and a large amount of gas, what’s not to laugh about right? One sad reality that this episode points out though is the harsh experiences of those people the companions of the Doctor leave behind. Mickey Smith and Jackie Tyler are shown to have had obvious hardships because of Rose leaving. Jackie was put under the impression that Rose was kidnapped and so has been desperately looking for her. Mickey was blamed for the kidnapping and so has been under some obvious pressure already. It seems very unfair and inconsiderate for Rose to have done this to her loved ones but she seems to justify this with the grandness of her experiences with The Doctor. It would seem that for her, it is ok for those she left behind to suffer because of just how great her adventures with The Doctor are.  This is not particular with just her though. We see this in all of the later companions of the Doctor. Martha Jones left her family and there was an obvious problem with her family because of this. Donna Noble left her family and you can see problems from her mother because of this. Even the Amelia Pond leaving her boyfriend left him with certain issues concerning The Doctor. Overall, this was a good episode just because apart from the main conflict or dealing with the ridiculous aliens, there are also deeply rooted issues from the other more minor characters that were addressed.