The two most memorably episodes of the entire run of Eccleston. Why is that? Because it introduces two of the more interesting characters in the entire run of series 1: Captain Jack Harkness and The Empty Child, Jamie.

Captiain Jack

First of all, I don’t even want to get started on the name and how it could possibly relate to another very famous fictional character, Captain Jack Sparrow of the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy. I could possibly try to find the very specific similarities they might have especially in their eccentricities but I know it would be taking too much of this journal and I would much rather talk about something else.

Second, who wouldn’t love Captain Jack? He is just great! He a dashing debonair with great looks and the cocky, confident attributes that would make anybody want to follow him through any dangerous situation. He is just like the Doctor in many ways except with a bit more charm and a lot more tact. He is also very handsome and has a great smile. He is bisexual and that just makes him more enjoyable as a character in the show. I actually find it very hilarious how The Doctor puts it, that the future men are a bit more flexible than people now (which actually would seem very logical the way society is changing nowadays).  I believe there is also a wider range of comedy that an actor can bring out if he/she is playing a bisexual character. This is probably why John Borrowman, the man playing Captain Jack, is so funny in this role.

Captain Jack is actually so great, that he is able to upstage The Doctor in lots of ways. Starting on his appearance, he looks much more like a hero than The Doctor does. A large, strapping man with a military uniform would look easier on the eyes than a man in all black. If you think about the tools he uses, they are much better than that of The Doctor’s. He has a teleporter and time traveling gadget in his wrist mounted vortex manipulator. He also has a space-ship that actually looks like a space ship as compared to that of The Doctor’s. He even has a better sonic device with him that can make walls disappear. Even his higher sexual curiosity with everything he sees seems to make him a much more interesting character.

Apart from all the awesome stuff that he has, there is one very good thing that he carries along with him. Much like The Doctor, he has a very high regard for life and would go as far as to sacrifice himself to do the right thing. He never means to hurt anybody. Towards the end of ‘The Doctor Dances’, after he uses a tractor beam to pluck off the bomb from ground zero, you see just how great of a person he is by not regretting to save the people even at the cost of his life. I personally still laughed and was impressed by how even at what seemed to be the end of his life, he still orders a nice alcoholic beverage to send him off in the coolest way possible.

He is such a great character, it’s no wonder Captain Jack got his own show.


Let me just say that Jamie scares the crap out of me. I cannot take that likely. I am not one who is easily scared or shocked or has nightmares, but Jamie was able to give all these things to me. It is so much fun to try to examine just what makes Jamie so very scary.

One of the more obvious things that scares me is his most repeated word “Mommy”. Just the way he says it, and the lack of proper context, it makes it very disturbing and therefore, can give anybody chills. His voice, very childlike and innocent, comes off as very eerie when he just says that.  Also, the repetition of that word just makes it all the more terrifying.

Next thing I would like to talk about is his appearance. If Jamie is ever put into any other situation wherein people are forced to look at kids from feet to head, people would expect themselves to go “Awwwwww” by the time they reach the child’s face. But just because of what Jamie actually has instead of a face, it is very likely that people would be screaming instead. It’s a gas mask. There is already something very sinister properly spread about in peoples minds about seeing gas masks. Whenever anybody sees anybody wearing one, nobody can expect anything good to come next.

What I believe to be the most terrifying thing about Jamie though is just how he is presented.  I am not talking about his appearance. I am saying about the withholding of information when he is shown in the show. You don’t particularly know what he is capable of until the end of the first part of this story. You don’t particularly know why he is calling out for his mommy.  One can’t even begin to imagine why he is wearing a gas mask in the first place or what he looks like under there.  I see that this withholding of information is actually what gives us one of two things: either enough time to start imagining what else could possibly go wrong and that scares us, or it gives us no space for expectations and not being to expect anything also scares us.

Jaime would have been the perfect villain because of all these things. Too bad he ended up being cured and looking like the cutest blonde kid you could ever see.