When I first learned that the class would be watching a sci-fi show, it crossed my mind to drop the course after the first day. I am not much of a fan of sci-fi but I like adventure stories. So I said why not give it a try.

As the title suggests, I was expecting it would be somewhat related to medical shows like House, Grey’s Anatomy, or Scrubs combined with Heroes where the characters are really doctors with superpowers in a clinical setting. But much to my surprise, when the Doctor first appeared with his black leather jacket, thick British accent, and lightning-quick reflexes, it was then I realized that this is a TOTALLY different show.

The pilot episode is not the type of episode I can consider effective in introducing what Doctor Who is all about. It’s silly, yes, with the disappearing blue box, the plastic mannequins, all the action, and constant running but I find all of it exaggerated and lacking in transition to excite the viewer/s.

I am particularly interested, however, in seeing how the Doctor’s relationship with Rose will develop. I can’t see their chemistry yet in the first 45 minutes but I am looking forward to seeing how they would tease and exchange witty banters in the future episodes. Their appearance on screen is also not that appealing but I love how their strong characters compensate for their image – the Doctor, clever and quirky and Rose, independent and curious.

I am expecting more ass-kicking adventure in the future episodes.