The TARDIS materializes on Dame Kelly Holmes Close on the day of the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games. Though excitement waits for the Olympics, it seems that the terror of missing children on the street made the Doctor and Rose busy for a bit. I actually liked this episode because it’s a child’s story. The mystery of having missing children and thus, parents became strict in not letting their kids play outside, brings back some of the memories of my childhood where we are told to sleep during the afternoon because spirits are active at those times that could kidnap any wandering child. The disappearance of the kids would then readily satisfy that kind of legend stories that I have heard before.


Having found out that the cause of the disappearance of the kids was because of the work of Chloe, drawing all the kids in her paper so as for them not to be alone. This simple way of thinking of a child seems to be too innocent to make her suffer for all her doings. But as the story progresses, it seems that an alien is controlling the child. It is interesting to note that the Isolus, the alien life form, befriended Chloe she has a troubled childhood including an abusive father. The intention of the Isolus for controlling Chloe seems to be innocent as well. The Isolus just wants to be with its family and since his spaceship went astray, it would do anything to work for it. In the mean time, however, the only thing that could remedy its loneliness is by being able to be absorbed by Chloe. However, the innocent intent of the Isolus seems not to be too innocent at all, because of the greater plan of using the billions of people watching the Olympics to renumber its family.


The episode, which may seem to be a child’s story, seems to portray the disturbing topic of child abuse. Given that the show was contextualized in a child’s world, it seems that the to3pic of child abuse was not appropriate. Though the issue may readily work out as adult viewers watch the show, calling for a response to respect the dignity of children, it seems that the image of child abuse may leave a child viewer curios to what the issue really is.


In the end, aside from telling the story of Chloe, it seems that the relationship of the Doctor and Rose are going strong. For the past years of time travel, they have been together that they know very much how the other acts and responds to specific situations. When Rose remarks that however hard they attempt, nothing will ever split the two of them up, seems to point out that Rose is really getting attached to not just the presence of Doctor but his life as well. However, it seems that the Doctor has actually not taken what Rose has said because he mainly focused on what is coming ahead.