Ending the previous episode Fear Her with the worries of the Doctor of an approaching storm establishes the unraveling of a great mystery or chaos ahead, especially since series two comes down to the last two episodes. The opening scene of the episode Army of Ghosts with Rose Tyler narrating how her life changed when she met the Doctor, who showed her the universe, taking her on a journey she thought would last forever and continuing by saying “This is the story of how it all ended, and how she died” initially give the burst of chills as the scene appear melancholic. It seems that the presentation of just this scene already suggests a very dramatic outcome of the show.


The episode presents one of the interesting but odd ways of communicating back to the souls of the dead. The Doctor and Rose experienced at the start of the episode a seemingly weird situation wherein Jackie is overjoyed that Rose has come just at the right time because her grandfather, Grandad Prentice, would come by any minute. Rose keeps on telling her mom that his grandfather is already dead. However, a blurred ghost-like figure appears in the kitchen at ten past the hour. It seems that the Doctor and Rose are again trapped in world of full of mysteries.


With the adventures and experiences of Rose, she asked the Doctor if the ghosts are related to the Gelth but the Doctor replied that the Gelth were simply coming through the Rift, whereas the ghosts are forcing themselves into existence across the world. It seems then that there is another great problem ahead of them. As the Doctor work his way out in finding the mystery of the ghosts, they are drawn to the Torchwood Tower. It seems that the Torchwood Institute appears similar to the museum back in the episode Dalek as the museum keeps into account all that is alien. “If it’s alien, it’s ours.”


The story then progressed in showing the coming back of the reign of Cybermen from the ones they encountered in the parallel universe. But aside from that, Rose encounters the transformed Mickey who says the Cybermen were able to escape from the parallel Earth finding its way to this world. It seems that the reunion of some of the characters left behind in the parallel Earth signaled not just the meeting up again of old folks, but worse than that, the problem of having the Cybermen take over the Earth.


With the terror of the full existence of Cybermen all around the world, it seems that this fight would be far worse than before. But as the void opens up and from it, emerging a black Dalek and three other Daleks, it seems that it was not just worse, it’s the worst of them all given the two strongest army of aliens. The resounding of the voices of the Cybermen uttering “Delete…Delete…” and the voices of the Daleks uttering “Terminate…Terminate” seems to represent the greatest adventure that the Doctor and Rose could have experienced.