It all comes to an end. The episode Doomsday does not just suggest the doomed feeling that one could possibly acquire after watching this series ender but also suggest what could possibly happen as the war unravels. Leaving the previous episode with the resounding voices of the Cybermen and the Daleks, what could possibly happen? DOOMSDAY. The title says it all. With the great force of the Cybermen and the strength of the Daleks, it seems like there’s no other way to escape the war except through death. The melancholic scene where Rose says, “This is the story of how it all ends. This is the story of how I die.” keeps on popping out of my head that seems to tell me that there is no other way out. Presenting the themes of hopelessness of the first series, and observing that the Doctor always saves the day seems to be not that applicable in this situation because of the grave war between the powerful Daleks of series one and the powerful Cybermen of series two with the Doctor, Rose, Jackie, Mickey, and all other human beings trapped in the context of war. With these two mighty armies clashing, it would be expected that saving the Earth would mean losing someone else.


The episode appeared to be the most dramatic of all the episodes. As the last of the Daleks fall into the breach, Rose can no longer hold on and she lets go, flying towards the oblivion. When the breach ripples and seals itself, we are given the situation of having Rose and the Doctor leaning against the wall on both sides of the breach. Rose beats the walls, sobbing hysterically as if sensing the other’s presence. The Doctor then walks away sadly, alone. With all the past years of adventure that Rose and the Doctor had and the recently growing strong relationship between them, it’s too hard to accept their separation at all. I almost cried in this part of the episode and made me realize how hooked up I am with the characters of the Doctor and Rose.


It all began with the simple encounter in a mall with Autons running and after series two it ended with gloomy separation. The relationship that the Doctor and Rose had as companions may have its ups and downs, in the end, Rose has said “I love you” but the Doctor never really had a chance to express his genuine emotions. It seems that for every situation, Rose seems to emphasize that she really is attached to the Doctor and is willing enough to sacrifice her life just to be with the Doctor. There is that direct outburst of feelings from the side of Rose, but it seems the Doctor never really took it seriously. Basing from the life of a Time Lord having encountered numerous companions, it seems that the Doctor not only become numb but chose to become numb. By being numb, he can easily move on with his life. But one question still remains unanswered, why does the Doctor still need to get a new companion if he always can’t be with the companion?