I remember ‘World War Three’ when the first scene of ‘The Age of Steel’ came on. It was very much like the second Slitheen episode where we find the Ninth Doctor cornered, electrocuted with no chance of escape only to have him plunge the ball of electricity into a Slitheen’s chest and in turn, electrocute the other Slitheen in the room. We almost have the exact same situation in this second installation of the Cybermen- The Doctor and his crew was surrounded and cornered by a group of Cybermen at the brink of ‘Deleting’ them when suddenly WHOOOOOSH! MAGIC.

Well, not really. But that little pod of light we saw at the beginning of ‘The Rise of the Cybermen’ was really really tiny an unassuming and you wouldn’t expect it to come save the day (or at least the Doctor and company) from a bunch of misguided Cybermen.

This episode was a notch better than ‘The Rise of the Cybermen’… Oh hey! I see a trend here: Aliens of London was a tad more boring that World War Three mostly due to the fact that all the action scenes were predominantly in the second episode. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One was deemed as ‘dragging’ by most for its scenes depicting the golden trio out hiding and camping in the woods of UK. Part Two is the more anticipated movie for the great big battle happening inside Hogwarts and the culmination of the series.

And THIS is also why ‘Age of Steel’ is relatively better. The action and fight scenes involve more of our characters more. Mickey takes a stand and proves himself even if nobody seemed to want him. Pete Tyler confesses to be part of Ricky’s team as a mole. We see Rose feeling a huge sense of relief that it wasn’t Mickey who died- It was nice to know she still cared. Mickey finally comes to his senses and takes a stand for himself. I was a bit sad to see him go as I would have wanted to see more of this ‘brand new’ Mickey.

The Cybermen as a ‘villain’ is really nice. I like how they aren’t really evil and bad, how they actually are victims themselves and how their intentions are wholly good. They just wanted other people to be like them as they perceive their existence to be better than having emotions and having to deal with sickness and death

Overall, it was, like The Rise of the Cybermen, an okay episode. It’s still worth watching and the script isn’t bad at all. I only wish that they utilized this alternate universe better than a mere invasion.