The Satan Pit concludes the adventure of the Doctor and Rose in the planet Krop Tor that started in the episode The Impossible Planet. Based on the title of the episode alone, it seems that there is the great mystery behind naming the black chasm as the Satan Pit. In the face of the black chasm, the Doctor and Ida were presented to be in the context of deep realization. “The Doctor muses about the curiosity he and humans feel about going down into the Pit, but notes that the Beast said he was ‘the temptation’ — perhaps that curiosity is what the Beast is relying on.” This realization actually captured my attention because it is readily normal for people to be curious. This cliché of curiosity can easily be seen in horror films where even though the situation tell one not to go to that dark and creepy place, one would still go out of curiosity. The popular saying curiosity kills the cat readily pops out in my mind. But the fact that without curiosity you could not know if there is a cat (similarly given as the logic of Scrhodinger’s cat), then curiosity is needed to know if there really is a cat. Translating it to the situation, though, the Doctor decided for them to retreat, the mere curiosity of what is beneath the pit urges the Doctor to jump. Though this may take as a form of temptation, it seems to work out in satisfying one’s curiosity. You would not know what below there, if you do not have any courage to just even witness it.


Then there is the concept of evil. The Doctor has asked the Beast, speaking through the Ood, as to which Beast he is, given that there are so many religions. The beast surprisingly answered that the Disciples of the Light defeated him and chained him in the Pit for eternity, before the creation of this universe. This mystery then provides a ground for the Doctor to explore and unravel the mystery of the Beast as he journeys into the darkness of the Pit. The Doctor told Ida “how the Devil crops up on so many planets in so many religions — perhaps that is what the Devil is, in the end: just an idea.” This is an interesting point in the plot for it seems the story moves into philosophy and theology. Because of these words, it made me too excited to see the image of the Devil/Beast since based on the realizations alone; one cannot easily form a good image of the Beast. But once the Doctor reached the bottom of the Pit, it seems that a too familiar setting is observed.


The Doctor found out a cave with ancient drawings on the walls depicting the story of a battle against the Beast. This image is too familiar for us humans because this is the same kind of image that we get to see in historical books. I was dismayed to witness such idea because all this time I am thinking of how the imaginative the producers were to represent the bottom of the cave. Furthermore, the image of the Beast is the popular image of Satan, which again does not satisfactorily respond to the desires of the viewers.