Season 2 Episode 10


I personally have mixed feelings about this episode. I don’t necessarily hate it, but I don’t love it either. Honestly, if I didn’t see this episode, it wouldn’t necessarily hurt my Doctor Who experience.

Nonetheless, Doctor Who ventured in the world of video blogging. I appreciate that they are trying to be versatile with regard to their themes per episode. What I like about Doctor Who is that they would always give something new on the plate. They would give us game shows, historical characters, aliens and now, video blogging.

Perhaps this is also a story of hardcore Doctor Who fans. I’m sure that those fans would enjoy this episode since it gives us the feeling that this actually existed and recognized.

It would be good to see the public’s reactions to what’s happening in the present. Like during the mannequin attacks and the Slitheen invasion, there was never a side of the people’s perspective. At least now, this has been brought up.

This also opened to the issue of cult and cult worship. Realistically speaking, there are numerous cult groups existing today, may it be about faith, hobby or the extra-terrestrial. This episode gave us a lighter attack on how the cult functions.

Villain Review:

The villain looks too much of a blob. It actually looks like a monster who is filled with gluttony. I later found out that such concept is derived from a child’s drawing. Now, this actually supports the Doctor Who fans (children edition).

I can hear his face is shouting: “FEED ME!”

Favorite Scene:

Well I was pretty entertained during the sessions of LINDA (“London Investigation ‘N’ Detective Agency”) especially when they have different interpretations of the Doctor.

To me, the Doctor isn’t a man, he’s more a collection of archetypes…

Then there was Bridget.

We see Bridget showing them a  presentation, but on a slide projector, the lights dimmed.

All these different Doctors come and go, but the single constant factor is this faux police box. It keeps cropping up, throughout history…

Then, there was Bliss.

Bliss uncovers and shows the others her own modern interpretive art creation. The others look on.

What I’m trying to do is sum up the Doctor – what he means to us.

She was ever so sweet – bless. Bless Bliss, we used to say.

What he could represent and what he should represent. And what he… never won’t represent… sort of thing.

The others nod understandingly.

And it is too fun to see because it is so true. When  you meet people who have same interests, it’s as if you’ve known each other for years when in fact you have not actually met till now!


Good enough episode, but didn’t top off the previous episode. The oral sex joke didn’t help either, especially when they have younger audiences.