Season 2 Episode 6


Well, what a surprise, the gang is yet again cornered by a mob. And yes, by the start of the episode, the Doctor would do something to get them out of trouble. Honestly, I’m getting tired of this kind of set-up. It’s like watching Pwer Rangers: when they transform into a big robot, you will know that it’s the final fight scene and the opponent will sun be, yes, deleted.

This second part is actually in the same boat in terms of its appeal and artistry. It is quite disappointing that the Cybermen were introduced this way. Though this might be aptly justified if this episode is just a way to actually build the character of the Cybermen for recurring roles in the future. Because if this is just to give the Cybermen a background, then it would be good enough.

It is still quite notable that this second episode of the two-parter has a different writer. At least, the entire concept and continuity remain intact. We also encounter Sally and Gareth who fought and had emotions. They plea to be killed. This brought us to the idea of euthanasia, or mercy killing. It has been an ongoing debate so I won’t dwell on it so much anymore. This issue has been talked about too much anyway.

It can also bring the issue of uniformity and everlasting peace among humanity. Will this be a good idea for the world? Imagine a world without pain, a world where everyone is on equal footing. But where is life without emotions? Without freedom?

Also, it is also quite notable that Mickey now has some heroic roles. It’s quite a rapid turn in events. Would it be because of Jake? hmm…

Villain Review:

We are still with the Cybermen. So i will leave it at that.

Cliche Scene:

One scene that made me raise a brow was when the cybermen fell from the zeppelin. It fell in slow motion to the ember of fire. I am actually appalled to see that scene. I mean, “kulang nalang” the cybermen would be shouting: “Nooooooo!”


The two-part episode’s goal is for Mickey’s character development and for the introduction to the Cybermen. But overall, it is pretty weak considering that it involves the Cybermen.

Nice cap.