Season 2 Episode 5


In this episode, we are introduced to parallel worlds. This is a concept very common to time travel and so it would really be apt to tackle this issue in one of the episodes of Doctor Who. We were given the idea that the Tardis dies, but of course, we know that later in the episode, it will come back to life. Pretty predictable.

We also see Jackie and Pete as their parallel counterpart. And it is such a shame that Rose’ counterpart is a dog. Rose was excited to find out that in the parallel world, her dad is quite successful and pretty much alive. Well obviously, Rose wanted to go to his father and potentially create trouble in the progress (as predicted by the Doctor).

We could even sense that the Doctor is actually torn between what should be done and what Rose wants to do. Most of the time, the Doctor tolerates Rose’ childish actions.

We can also observe Mickey’s dramatic episodes in here. We observed some chemistry between Mickey and Jake. People would even say there is some homo-erotic connection going on. Nevertheless, I have decide not to go deeper into great detail on that.

Villain Review:

We are introduced to the Cybermen. They are metal cryborgs with human brains (but without emotions). All they want is to upgrade the human race. Non-compliance will force them to delete you because of your incompatibility. Pretty much robotic and technological terms were used.

Will it be a disgrace to compare the Cybermen to the Tin Man? They both are made out of metal and don’t have a heart anyway.

Favorite Scene:

I will not forget the concept of the earpods. I was wondering, in the future, will we have those kind of things? First, I think that if you wear those, you will be caught by the fashion police within an hour. I mean, the bulky bluetooth is robotic and bad enough, now you mean we will wear too which sometimes connects like a hear band? No way I am wearing that. Besides, this should be the future, can’t they have it made more subtly?

Nevertheless, I find the humans entertaining as they have been always useless and dumb. The civilians in Doctor Who is usually portrayed as helpless victims. Well you can’t blame them. Most of the people are indeed helpless, and victims themselves.


The introduction to the cybermen could be improved. I find it too robotic for my taste. Nevertheless, the entire concept of the cybermen is fantastic.