Season 1 Episode 12


This episode proved that the Doctor Who series is indeed dynamic and versatile in its themes. In this episode, we are placed in the world of game shows. How fun!

The concept is actually quite eerie. The games were from the 21st century game shows but have twists. If you lose, you get disintegrated. Play on. Quit and you will die. Lose and you will die. This is a game of survival, it is every man’s game here. With that concept in mind, I find the episode quite entertaining.

We are a generation raised with several reality TV shows and this episode played with this concept.

In that world, the human race have no choice but to watch these programs. They get chosen at random to play on. People watch these programs not because they want to, but they just do. It has been the norm, it has been a way of life.


And you watch this stuff?


(shrugs) Everyone does.

In today’s society, it is presently alarming how we are controlled by the media. It is not far fetched if we say that our decisions, attitude and even the way we talk is highly influenced by the media. And in this fast-paced life, our love for game shows and quick money is rapidly escalating.

Villain Review:

The Daleks are back! A perfect way to open the season ender. What’s worse is that they are not just one or a couple, they are an army of Daleks. Remember the first time we saw a Dalek? He was invincible, literally. It was a chore getting the resolution out of him. Now, what can the Doctor do with the army of Daleks? One is hard enough, how will we manage 500? And yes, it even gets worse, Rose is held captive.

Again, one of the best cliffhangers I have seen. However, the cliffhangers are getting quite repetitive. This usually comprise of an evil mob cornering the main characters.

It’s Anne Droid. Creative naming?

Favorite Scene:

Well I was actually quite entertained how Rose played The Weakest Link. And I am similarly entertained with the man having a strategy of keeping Rose the last because of her incompetence. One by one, they get disintegrated if they lose. This is a concept which I think is not original. I’m sure I watched something like this, whether its Jumanji or whatnot.


This episode just got better in the last few scenes. This just acted as the spring board for the final episode of the season. Not the best, but good enough.