Season 2 Episode 7


This is one of the bad episodes of Doctor Who. In all honesty, missing this episode would not hurt at all. I mean, it was dragging and the plot did not help at all.And like everytime, Rose gets into trouble because of her clumsy acts.

But there are some themes that can be tolerable for some audiences.  One is the faceless people. This is the recurring issue of “emotions.” Will there be emotions if there are no faces? (Cybermen, Dalek, Empty Child, Clockwork android, etc.) People say that our humanity lies on our faces. It is with our faces that we know that we are still human. Remove our face and remove all humanity.

This also brings about the issue of how influential the television set is. They brought back memories of the first television and use it as a horrific tool pretty much like “The Ring.”

I will not forget to mention how they played with history as well. I believe they used real clippings of the queen at that time. It was the time when the television was widely promulgated.

Villain Review:

The villain was lousy. The Wire just reminded me of the green crystal ball in Disney’s the Haunted Mansion.

And if Daleks:Exterminate; Cybermen: Delete; She has “Feed me.” Lame.

Favorite Scene:

I need to force myself to look for a favorite scene in this episode. If there’s one, it’s when the Doctor and the investigator had a role reversal. Instead of the Doctor being questioned, it was reversed. When you talk about the Doctor, it is very likely.

Rose having no face is quite a sight, I must say. Well, she deserves it.


This is undoubtedly a filler in the series.