Season 2 Episode 11


I would actually remember the time me and my cousin would draw things and cut it out to use it as toys. Don’t get me wrong, I have real toys and action figures, but there is something special when you play with a thing from our imagination. This episode opened another focal point: drawings.

This is set during the London Olympics which will happen next year. Writing about the far future is no problem since no one can attest the validity of the setting 3000 years from now. I’m sure no one will live that long that they can experience that and say: ‘That did not happen.” However, the London Olympics wherein the Doctor was the one who carried the torch actually trivialized the program. It is a risky outtake but I’m sure that Whovians would hope that it would really happen. By doing so, it destroys the authenticity and logical plotline of the series, but who mentioned it was really realistic anyway? This is one of the phenomena of television programs. Though it is fictional, there should be something that is realistic about it if it is positioned to be in the real world.  It is positioned to be realistic; people should be able to relate to it. In line with this, the London Olympics is an element of the real world; it should be treated carefully as it depicts the here and now.

But it is still written creatively, but not necessarily my taste. This even spurred some petitions for Tennant to carry the London Olympic torch. For sure, it will be a dream come true for a lot of Whovians.

Villain Review:

The Isolus actually looks like an amalgamated flower and a jellyfish. Not equally frightening, but it has a lot of issues. It needs some guidance counseling, to say at the very least.

This episode is highly psychological because of this villain. This opened the issue perhaps of child abuse and bad childhood.

It also taps the issue of loneliness. What can be more scarier than a kid being in control of the world. Most especially when the kid is brainwashed with spite.

Favorite Scene:

I love the scene where in actual drawings come to life. Even the scribbles were drawn to life and the Doctor analyzed it as graphite. It was quite fun to see things like that because as a kid, I sometimes dreamed of having that kind of super power.

This also reminded me of two famous Nintendo DS game wherein you could actually draw anything and it will come to life (at least digitally):