Season 2 Episode 12


Starting the episode with Rose narrating her life and saying: “This is the story of how I died” is one of the most exciting episode opener I have seen in all the Doctor Who episodes. It gave me that kind of strong curiosity. I even remembered telling my friend: “Now this is more like it,” and people near me giggled.

There are times when I had enough dose of Rose Tyler already that at times, I would want to say that the Doctor should move on. I admit, the thought of her being gone is actually a relief, but when I think about how it will be without her, I think I’ll miss her altogether.

After over 20 episodes with Rose, I would admit that there is some sort of attachment to her already. She even has a longer stay vis-a-vis Eccleston and Tennant. So definitely, there is a conncetion not easy to let go for most of Doctor Who fans.

Now, with regard to the plot, I would say that it is equally compelling as some of the notable Doctor Who episodes. The concept was good and it is quite funny to see London that ghosts are becoming the “in” thing now. And let me correct that, not only London, but the world! They are going to a ghost craze. Too bad Casper is now overshadowed.

Furthermore, the thought of your ancestors and deceased relatives being here again creeps me out. I don’t know, Jackie and the entire world saw it as beautiful, but I saw it weird. Well maybe because the thought of it didn’t came pass through me before this episode.

Villain Review:


I mean, having the Cybermen and the Daleks together? Nothing can beat that! I don’t even need to explain how awesome this is!

Favorite Scene:

Well, the scene that really stucke in my head wight now is when the Daleks came out of the sphere. Nothing can really beat the Dalek and the Cybermen in one episode. I was so intrigued, how can the Doctor get pass this? I mean, two foes in one episode? And not just one of each, an entire army of them!

Now this is surreal.


It will be tough for us to wait for the next episode!