Season 2 Episode 2


Tooth and Claw is by far the episode that matched the Empty Child episode. I really enjoyed this episode because of its artistry and superb acting of the queen of England. The plot is well written and convincing to my taste.

What made this episode more appealing is that it was structured with a mystery investigation adventure theme. Pretty much like Scooby Doo, but with a deeper artistry. During the episode, puzzle pieces were being reconnected to formulate the resolution.

It was creatively done to the point that they made sure that they go in the past and have their interpretations about it without altering the real present. Tinkering in the past is a delicate topic since people have memories. They know what happened realistically and that’s the reason why we live today. If in the series, say, the queen was murdered by the werewolf, then I am sure that there will be violent reactions against the entire concept since that did not happen at all. This did not register to the people’s memories. And with time travelling, as fiction as it can get, should still be realistic with respect to the viewer’s memory. Some famous philosophers would even say that God could not change the past as it will tinker with our memories. How can something not happen when we know that it did?
Going back, I was actually entertained that they even brought up the possibility that the royal disease came from a werewolf. This is actually quite brilliant as they have used a fact with unknown roots and backed it up with creative inferences. Remember the episode from season 1 with Charles Dickens? The doctor said he will die even before he can write the book, and this is quite crucial because in the peoples’ memories, that book should not exist at all. There are limitations in making the past more creative, but if you can pull it off, then the results are exceptional.

Villain Review:

The werewolf is obviously the foe to beat. What I particularly love about this foe is his agility. In contrast with the past villains, this foe actually runs and breaks walls. This gave the characters a sense of urgency as the enemy can catch them easily.

The concept of the werewolf being a foe of the doctor is actually quite interesting. I wonder if the writers will consider vampires as well. Please don’t.

Favorite Scene:

When the queen banished Rose and the Doctor never to step in her land again, I really felt the power of her words. I really love the actress who plays the queen because I really do believe that she gave justice to the role. I don’t know if I would feel bad for the both of them when they were banished. Nevertheless, I’m not quite certain if they will even choose to go back to that place.

Such a strong lady, such a brilliant actress.


This episode is the second best episode there is, next to the Empty Child of the first season.