Season 1 Episode 13


The mere fact that this is the season ender or the last episode of the season means that this should be something good. But as usual, the resolution to the cliffhanger is yet again anticlimactic.

The good thing about this episode is the fact that Rose is in the heroic spotlight. It was now up to Rose to actually solve the puzzle and save the Doctor. With this in mind, there is a great character development in Rose. More than a companion, she now is the key for the resolution.

The mystery of the Bad Wolf was also tackled in this episode. It was a good move for Doctor Who to actually have some element to tie up everything in the entire season. It is quite interesting to see how they utilized this connection in relation to Rose.

Furthermore, this is the last episode of Eccleston. Changing the Doctor in a logical way is actually quite challenging. And I am convinced that the way they transitioned is actually quite alright, though not perfectly timed. It might be too rushed and all of a sudden. For me, I was not at all prepared for it. Nonetheless, it was an acceptable and logical way to do it and still have the continuity and integrity of the series.

Villain Review:

The Dalek Emperor, as the name suggests, is the one leading the army of Daleks. It is a big threat most especially when the Doctor and Rose encoutered such a big foe. And what’s worse is that they are great in number. They are actually an army of Daleks! With this kind of conflict, it is actually hard to predict the resolution. So I guess they were successful on keeping the curiosity ball rolling.

Favorite Scene:

The best scenes was when Rose was putting the Bad Wolf  “puzzle” together. Personally, I really like these kinds of concept especially in sci-fi films. When Rose spreads the words from the station’s logo, “Bad Wolf”, across time and space to be able to bring herself to this moment and rescue the Doctor, I believe that it was a surreal moment for her.


This is a good transition from the ninth to the tenth Doctor. I enjoyed the episode overall because of its good resolution.