Season 2 Episode 1


Yet again, Doctor Who ventured in the land of subtle drama. This episode is the story and the resolution of the life of Cassandra. In this episode, we see new elements in the picture (Cat nuns/nurses) and recurring characters (the face of Boe). Honestly, this episode is generally entertaining especially when we see how Cassandra counteract with Rose and the Doctor.

We are brought a New world wherein  the atmosphere almost looks like the Jetsons.

new earth

The plot is actually quite original (with respect to my knowledge). Doctor Who loves to play with the concept of mobs attacking the characters. Pretty much how zombie and the undead works. Slow and grumbling. The cat nurses are also interesting characters. They actually have principles that they live by but like other beings, they have secrets that they won’t reveal unless pressed.

The episode also talks about the issue of being a human. If the “people” are just vehicles or “lab rats” to cure diseases, would they still be human? In today’s age, if we clone a human, is he still human? This is a question of morality and ethics. This pressed the Doctor’s principles and so his actions were in line with what he believes.

We are also given a good resolution to the story of Cassandra. I would believe that they actually justified her life story. I was actually pleased to see that they played with time again especially when Cassandra said: “This was the last time I had a great complement.” Or something between that lines.

This play in time is observed in season 1: Father’s day when Jackie was telling Rose about the girl who was with her father the moment he died.

Villain Review:

Well, at surface level, it might seem like the villain in this episode is Cassandra. Though, I can argue that she is not the one who caused a lot of trouble in the episode. She was there so that her character will even be more developed and there would be a closure to her story. This concept is same with Margaret.

As we can see, Cassandra and Margaret were both introduced as villains in previous episodes. In those previous episodes, they were actually defeated and supposedly “killed” by the Doctor. But another episode comes and we see another story about them. Their stories were resolved happily. Both of them have a similar plot setup in Doctor Who.

Favorite Scene:

It should be when Cassandra transferred herself to Rose. This really proved that Rose do not have a linear acting skills. Also, it was actually quite fun to see Rose acting like Cassandra. In all honesty, she was believable.

Moreover, I like the scenes where Cassandra transferred herslef back and forth to Rose, the Doctor and the mob. That was actually quite entertaining to watch. I think that the script for that scene was well-written.


This is a good episode to resolve the character of Cassandra. But honestly, the series will live without this episode. Good episode, nonetheless.