Season 2 Episode 8


I will begin this blog by saying that I am really entertained with the Doctor Who’s concept of Ood. What I particularly love is that they appear that they have the potential to be evil. I have never seen anything like it, with a ball on their hand. At first glance, it felt like it they were holding their dextrose or something.

the ood
It also depicted a future, but in the most creative way. Never did I imagine that there can be such a concept wherein they played with the gravity pull, black holes, and other cosmic fragments. Outstandingly scientific. This is the heart of science fiction.

Furthermore, it tackled the issue of faith and spirituality. It is a bold move for Doctor Who to include this as their theme as it may be controversial if not played correctly. We are presented the devil and its possession to one of the people in the ship. With this in mind, I was actually intrigued on how they will play with this theme and how they would resolve this.

It was a cliffhanger ending. And I think it was one of the best. The reason why I say this is that it spurred the curiosity out of me. I was actually excited to see what is going to happen in the next episode. And when that happens, I find it very effective.

The Ood, now claiming to be the Legion of the Beast, begin to close in on them, whilst the voice of the Beast says; “The pit is open, and I am free…..”

Villain Review:

The Beast is one of the powerful villains I have seen because it gives me the sense of his omnipotence. Since he is the devil, he can possess people and his power may be endless. It intrigued me how the Doctor could manage such an enemy. Although I was quite disappointed to see that the devil looked ike, well the typical devil as seen when there’s a projection of his face.

Favorite Scene:

The first scene was my most favorite. This is when the Ood and the Doctor had miscommunication and thought that they were already being attacked. Judging with the Oods faces and appearance, you can’t really blame the Doctor and Rose to think that.


Probably one of the episodes that is hard to predict. Can’t wait to see the next episode.