The Christmas Invasion begins with a chaotic and confusing bang. A newly regenerated Doctor appears on screen wearing only his PJs and is hardly awake for the entire episode. I think it’s not a good idea in any story, even for a season starter to see the main character lying in bed for 2/3 of the story.

When the Doctor wakes up in the nick of time (FINALLY! towards the end of the episode), he gives the impression that he is easy-going, quirky, light-hearted but unforgiving as well. This was demonstrated when he sends the Sycorax leader falling to his death while commenting that there will be “no second chances.”

My other favorite part of the episode was when the Christmas tree starts spinning around the house and destroys everything in its path. Yes, the fully decorated Christmas tree with its rotating branches is capable of being destructive (I never imagined that!). And that alone caused Rose to seek the help of the sleeping Doctor.

However, my disappointment in the episode did not end with the introduction of the new Doctor. It was also during Harriet Jones’ whining and begging for the Doctor on National television. She is the Prime Minister but her decision in times of peril is a letdown. No leader in her right mind holds a public address to inform the world “I don’t know what to do!” It’s honest, yes, but it’s the last thing her nation needs to hear to inspire confidence.

Overall, David Tennant’s take on the Time Lord is decidedly different from Christopher Eccleston’s. Eccleston did an admirable job in reincarnating the series and his presence will be missed. With the new Doctor, maybe it will take more episodes to see how the character performs and evolves over the course of the season.