Season 2 Christmas Special


This is the first episode wherein Tennant portrays the Doctor. However, he is actually seen in action only in the latter half of the episode. While Tennant is still in slumber, the old folks that we were used to is making the episode work. This made it easier for better transition especially when we are given a new doctor to get used to.

Further more, Christmas Invasion is actually bold enough to have the citizens of London in panic by alien invasion. And it is also good to see how the usual earth folks were given the responsibility to actually solve alien invasion on their own. It was all in the hands of Rose on how to keep up with the chaos done by aliens. At least she was somewhat “trained” numerous times to handle this kind of situations, but now, without the Doctor on her side.

When the Doctor woke up, he immediately tried to solve the problem in his old ways. This gave us some kind of familiarity that he did have a different appearance but he still is the Doctor we knew and hopefully, loved.

There are also a lot of transition which happened to this episode as mentioned above. One is that earth citizens were the one to primarily suppress the invasion and second, the Doctor himself. But aside from these changes and transition, one element remains, and that is alien trouble.

I find the Santa villains with musical instruments quite funny, but to a certain extent only. The first time I saw them, I thought it was hilarious, but then after a while I got used to the concept. The Christmas Tree is a little off for me. I think it was somewhat forced. Nonetheless, it reminded me of our own version’s haunted Christmas Tree from Shake Rattle and Roll. Now, who’s original?

Probably it was a good episode to transition to the changes made in Doctor Who. Not necessarily superb as an episode, but necessary for transition.