This was the first time that I saw the Doctor actually scared and intimidated. Obviously, the Dalek is a very significant part of the Doctor’s past, and seeing it made me even more curious about the Time war, where the Doctor supposedly destroyed all the Daleks. Once again, I get another piece of the Doctor’s complicated puzzle of a life. Now, I know, that whatever that Time War was, it was between the Daleks and the Time Lords. I still have not completely trusted the Doctor, but seeing this Dalek for some reason makes me warm up a bit more to the Doctor, because right when I saw the Dalek, I automatically sympathized with the Doctor, and somehow automatically sided with him. I unconsciously was rooting for the Doctor, as I suppose I will be doing for the rest of the episodes now. I guess what it took for me to actually warm up to the Doctor was seeing him scared and intimidated, weirdly enough. There seems to be more to the Daleks than we’ve seen in this episode. When I stumbled upon a spread on Doctor Who in the Guiness Book of World Records, there was a portion of it dedicated to the Daleks, so they obviously are not just any villains. Something tells me they’re going to keep coming back not only in this season, but in the others to come.

About Van Statten, I’m not sure if the creators of the show tried to make him as annoying as possible, as the Brits are known for not exactly loving Americans, or this guy was just a horrible actor. Either way, they managed to make him very easy to dislike. Seeing him torturing the Doctor and seeing the Doctor in the weakest position that he’s been in yet was upsetting mostly because out of everyone I’ve seen the Doctor encounter, it had to be this arrogant and seemingly stupid American. When Van Statten was showing what was inside the Doctor, I got a bit excited because I’ve been so curious as to what was inside his body. It was a bit of a let down to only see that he had two hearts. Yes, this was interesting, and will make for a good description and clever lines about the Doctor in future episodes or articles written about him, but I expected to fine some alien body with completely different body parts.

Adam’s character is interesting because Rose obviously has some interest in him, and the Doctor does not seem to like him very much. He treats him a bit like how he treats Mickey in other episodes—in an annoyed, condescending manner. The Doctor doesn’t seem to be very nice to human beings, or at least those in Rose’s life. If Adam does stay on as another companion of the Doctor, then the dynamic would change completely. Although Adam’s character is smart and decent enough, he’s actually a bit boring and forgettable. I don’t think he’s good enough to take on for the Doctor’s adventures so the next episode should be very interesting.