Adams character is an interesting one to take note of because he embodies what the Doctor does not like in humans. He was selfish, and wanted to use the Tardis and the Doctor for his own personal gain. This is what the Doctor does not want to happen, which is why not just anyone can come along with him on his journeys, and why we see him at times looking down on the human race. Adams character shows us just how capable as a companion Rose is.

I wasn’t sure how I felt about Adam coming along in the first place, because he seemed a bit boring. Although he didn’t prove to be boring exactly, we did see him as the “dumb” human being. It was interesting to see how Adam acted, because after all, the adventures and the journey that the Doctor provides can be very tempting to an ordinary human being. Going back and forth into time can make one very rich and successful. Since we didn’t see this selfishness in Rose, it was interesting to see it in Adam, and see how the Doctor would react to the situation. However, it would be interesting to see the consequences of Adams actions had he been able to push through with his plans of changing history.

I found it extremely funny how the consequence that Adam had to live with was not only the fact that he did not end up getting the information he left on the answering machine, but I thought that the window or port in his forehead that opens with the prompt of the snap of a finger was a nice touch. I don’t know how that would sit with ordinary human beings seeing that.

I am very curious with regards to the phone that Rose uses to call home. The Doctor must really trust Rose so much, that he would allow her to have that. Because obviously, that is the key to exploiting their situation. Seeing this episode actually made me more impressed with Rose. All this time and she hasn’t even thought of using that phone, or anything else for her personal gain. Adam was so quick to do so, as I assume many human beings would be.

The whole process of journalism is also very interesting because of the way they process and pass on information. The “writers” did not even have to think, or provide any input. The humans were simply instruments through which information was passed. It makes you stop and take a look at how journalism is now, and how truthful it really is. I always wondered if in the future, we really would have chips planted in our brains in order for us to process information. This would also lead to further manipulation of information, thus manipulation of human beings. The whole idea of the manipulation of information in order to instill fear and human beings and keep them in a very tightly monitored society is quite scary, because more and more, with the advancements of technology, it is seemingly possible.