I loved that this episode was a period episode, and all the more because it was set during The Blitz in London during World War 2. This episode also stands out because it probably scared me the most out of all the episodes so far, and of course, as I’m sure many of the girls in class share the same sentiment, because of captain Jack.

The sound of a child asking “Are you my mummy?” might be one of the creepiest sounds I’ve ever heard. Seriously, the sound might haunt me for quite awhile.  I wonder though, if Rose was the only one who heard the sound. I’m curious as to why it seemed like the sound was directed towards her, like the voice wanted she or the Doctor to hear it. This could either mean that “the empty child” knew that the Doctor and Rose might be able to help him, but this could also just be an attempt by the creators to make the story flow a bit easier and quicker. Seemed a bit too easy to me, the fact that the voice seemed to be looking for them, and that no one else heard the voice.

It is interesting to note that Jack Harness, an American time agent is suspiciously working on something connected to the bomb that fell. This was all during the attack of the Germans in London. With all three of the powerful nationalities/ countries during World War II present in the situation, there must be some underlying theme in this episode, what it is, I don’t really feel like discussing because I don’t want to delve into the political connotations of the episode, or the show. I would like to take the show simply for entertainment purposes, as I do with many TV shows. Shallow as it may seem, I think that, this is how we should take most of fiction television shows, because looking for some underlying meaning might make us crazy and defeat the entertainment purpose of television.

I am quite skeptical about Captain Jack, because although is quite the looker, I’m not keen on the whole smooth- talking man-in-a-uniform sort. It also seems that he might be the villain of the episode, but it has yet to be revealed what exactly is going on. Although I do like his character, he might be a bit too cheesy, almost tacky. A stab against Americans, maybe?

The episode ended just as things were beginning to unravel, and right when it got at its most exciting. What makes the cliffhanger even more frustrating is that we had to wait a whole week to continue on to the second episode of this two-part. This two-part is different from the previous one (Aliens of London and World War Three) because here, we have no idea as to what is going on, and it’s really difficult to try and explain the whole gas mask situation. This is definitely more scary then the first two-part, but it is also a lot more interesting.