This two part was better than the first, not only because of the storyline, but the fact that we watched each episode a week apart definitely contributed to it. This experience of watching the continuation of the cliffhanger is similar to how we would normally watch a television show, with having to wait an entire week before knowing what happens next. This cliffhanger was more exciting than that of the first two-part episode that we saw (Aliens of London and World War Three). Not only did the episode end right when it was at its climax, but the entire nature of the storyline was yet to be revealed. The situation remained a mystery, so having to wait a week for the next episode would be almost excruciating.

The storyline was very difficult to predict, which was what made it so great. A kid with a gas mask for a face asking, “Are you my mummy?” and an entire hospital with people with the same gas mask-face is pretty difficult to understand. And I would have never predicted the nanogenes to be the answer! I was expecting some evil genius scientist to be behind the whole thing. It was actually refreshing to not have a human or some big visible monstrous alien to be the villain of the episode. It was a nice stray from the usual plot. And to have nanogenes be the cause, and somewhat unknowing villains and saviors of the storyline, well if that’s not a good use of science fiction, then I don’t know what is.

I liked the situation between Nancy and the child. The fact that the child actually turned out to be her son gave the storyline more depth, and I thought the actress that played Nancy did well.

It was a funny and unexpected touch to have Captain jack come out to be bi-sexual, hitting on both Rose and the Doctor. Some might find it a cheap shot to humor, but I found it hilarious. It saddened me just a little bit, because I found Captain Jack quite attractive, but this makes him more interesting, I guess. I just don’t know how it fits in to the rest of the story, or how useful it really is. I wonder if this is just a cheap shot at humor, or does it have more meaning than I think it does? But it was a good humorous touch, especially with all the seriousness, creepiness and technicality of the episode. I liked that the Doctor seemed to be jealous of the attention Rose was giving Jack, because here we see that the Doctor might actually notice how much attention Rose gives to him, and once some other guy has it, he is very much affected. It was touching to see the Doctor dance with Rose, because we got to see him doing something completely human, especially something that makes him vulnerable. The Doctor has so far made himself out to be tough and brooding, but seeing him dance with Rose was a nice touch to my impression of the Doctor.