So here we are, at the end of series one. With the title “The Parting of Ways,” one would automatically think that the Doctor and Rose would separate. Since the Doctor is the most integral part of the show, it would only make sense that Rose be the one to leave. I did not start out liking Rose, but she proved herself throughout the series, and sealed the deal for me during this last episode so it was good to see that Rose was going to stick around.

I was, however, ready to let go of Eccleston as the Doctor. It’s not that I disliked him, I just never thought of him as “fantastic.” I never felt a true connection with him, the way people should feel towards the Doctor, or towards “their” Doctor. Although I was a bit sad to see him go because he as the first Doctor that I ever knew, the excitement over a new Doctor overcame this sadness. I always wondered how there could be so many Doctors, and how they were all one and the same. This episode was yet another puzzle piece that I had in order to fully understand the Doctor.

I thought that this was the perfect last episode, because I got a lot of closure and relief (for lack of a better term). First, Rose proved to be a strong and extremely capable companion. We see her sent home, but completely broken by the fact that she wasn’t with the Doctor, not because of any feelings she might have with him, but because of the life that she had with him; her realization that there is so much more to life, and so much more to the world. She is also the saving factor of the episode, selflessly infusing herself with the time vortex in order to save the Doctor and Jack. The presence of the Daleks was also very apt, because out of all the enemies that the Doctor and Rose have tackled, the Daleks are the most menacing and difficult to defeat, so their presence made the situation scarily hopeless, thus having the Doctor and Rose defeat them makes them absolutely fantastic. Also, we see Jackie and Mickey come to terms with Rose leaving, as they even help her get back and open the TARDIS. This shows that there will be less of a struggle between Rose and her family.

The final words exchanged by Rose and the Doctor (played by Eccleston) were wistful, and since Rose is our connection/ relation to the show, it felt a lot like the Doctor was giving his final bow to the audience as well. The next season should be interesting, because we would have to get to know a whole new Doctor, but having Rose there is somewhat comforting, assuring us that not everything has changed. This must be a strategy of the producers, and good on them. I love the tenth Doctor’s first words, “Where were we? Ah yes, Barcelona.” Once again, we are reassured that not everything has changed, because inside, it’s still the same Doctor. His first words as the tenth Doctor were goofy, clever, odd, and so exquisitely “Doctor Who.”