The first thing I noticed was that the new series seemed to have better production quality. This made it easier for me to watch since, as a 2010 viewer, I am accustomed to higher quality images — that was a contributing factor to what made the first series a bit tedious to begin watching.

The Christmas Invasion episode may have introduced the new Doctor, but it was more about adjusting to his new character. New Earth was where the viewers really got to know him. I immediately took a liking to Tennant’s Doctor because he was cuter, charming, and kookier than Eccleston’s. Eccleston seemed more like a badass thug, while Tennant is a warmer character.

The first episode set a bar for sexual tension between Rose and the Doctor, especially since the new Doctor was handsomer. The episode had vague sexual innuendos and double entendres, such as when Lady Cassandra and Rose’s sentences were strung together to form dirty words. Chip’s obsession over Lady Cassandra and what seems to be his repressed desire for her was slightly unsettling. I think it was subtle enough to avoid upsetting any children, however. Even the kiss between the Doctor and Lady Cassandra. could have been seen as funny by children viewers.

The episode made the viewers consider how far one would go to avoid death. Lady Cassandra was in a horrific state because she went to all costs to avoid aging. The nurses manufactured The Flesh to cure diseases, and ended up treating humans like  objects. Death is very frightening, so it is a relevant issue for the series to deal with.

This may be reading too much into the episode, but the story could have been sponsored by PETA. A current issue affecting a lot of companies is animal testing. Many of our products are made via the suffering of animals, just to make sure that they are safe for us humans. In New Earth, the tables are turned and it is the feline nurses, or ‘animals’ testing the humans.

The fact that Lady Cassandra died in her own arms was rather sad, because it showed how alone she truly was as a result of her own machinations. In fact, her future self was the inspiration for her ‘favorite pattern’, which Chip/her future self was modeled on. It was kind of the Doctor to give her a chance to see herself as beautiful once more, because it was what the Lady had been striving for her entire life. On an encouraging note, Lady Cassandra accepted her own death, which shows that it is something that we should not be so frightened of.