This episode is set 23 years after “The End of the World,” shown in series one, when the Doctor took Rose to the year five billion to witness the destruction of the Earth. “New Earth” is set in the year five billion twenty-three, where Earth looks very productive. But obviously, it can’t be all that great, if the Doctor is around. Something must need some fixing.

This is the first real episode of the Doctor, because in the Christmas special, we didn’t get see a lot of him, and we didn’t get to know him so well. I hadn’t warmed up to him yet, I still felt a bit distant from him, so this episode is when I would make my impression of him. I have to say- it was a good one. David Tennant seems to be a more approachable, less brooding Doctor.

I liked that this is where the Doctor took Rose, because it connects to one of the first episodes of series one, and we get to see characters that were present in “The End of the World,” The Face of Boe, and Cassandra. Seeing them both and understanding a little bit of who they were, because I had seen them before, gave me a sense of pride. I felt that I had a connection to the show, and that I had a history with it.

Cassandra, being the last human being from the old Earth, was a sad, almost pathetic depiction of human beings. It was sad that she was the last of that race, and all she cared about was appearance. Even until the end, all she wanted was an affirmation of her beauty. It’s disheartening that this is how the humans of that time, well, our time, were depicted, because there’s actually some truth to it, given the times that we live in now. I found it funny that even Cassandra was attracted to the Doctor, and that she called it that rose was too. This reassures us that the Doctor’s still got “it.” This charm and ability to lure women has obviously become one of the fundamental traits of the Doctor, no matter what body he takes form in.

I thought this was a good first episode for the tenth Doctor, and I liked that it was a somewhat continuation of “The End of the World.” The Face of Boe had mentioned that they would meet again for the third and final time, making us wonder, if that last time would have something to do with this episode. With this thought I started to attempt to look at the Doctor’s adventures in a linear way, trying to piece everything together. The idea that time is a “wibbly wobbly thing” is what makes this show so interesting and compelling. The idea of time is just as confusing as the Doctor’s identity. I’m not quite sure if I like this episode more than I liked “The End of the World.” I think I just might, and a big chunk of that reason would probably go to David Tennant playing the Doctor.