The best part about this episode was the appearance of Sarah Jane Smith. Actually, having her there and seeing how this would affect everyone else was more interesting than the whole human- killing giant bat things flying around. The school and the Krillitanes were just a venue, a sub plot to what was really going on, which was the return of Sarah Jane Smith.

I had never seen Sarah Jane Smith prior to this episode, nor had I ever even heard of her, but right away I knew that there was a connection between her and the Doctor. The look that the Doctor gave to her was one of extreme happiness, like a light in him was shining. He looked at her in such an endearing and excited way that I knew she wasn’t just any ordinary woman. However, when Sarah Jane Smith saw the TARDIS, it looked almost as if she was scared, it looked like something had come back to haunt her. I can only imagine how she must have felt, after going through all of that with the Doctor, and after all that time to see him again.

I felt bad for Rose in this episode, because she was obviously really jealous of Sarah Jane, and meeting her made her realize that she cant stay with the Doctor forever, and that at some point, she will have to leave him, or he’ll leave her. Either way, she can’t go on the rest of her life going on adventures with the Doctor, because although she will age, he will not. This is one of the sad truths about the Doctor, that even if he might be the one to leave his companions, he will always be the one left alone. Regarding the whole romantic element to the Doctor’s relationship with his companions, Rose has obviously grown romantically attached to the Doctor, but this obviously cannot become a real romantic relationship. I like the idea that the relationship between Rose and the Doctor is so difficult to read, because it keeps everything interesting. Although I would never want them to actually be romantically involved (that might ruin the show), playing around with the idea is inevitable. It is interesting to see Sarah Jane, because then we get to see how he was with his past companions, and what the nature of their relationships were. This would make a big difference, especially to Rose, because perhaps meeting Sarah Jane will change her mind about her relationship with the Doctor.

Another person very much affected by this was Mickey. First of all, I though K-9 was adorable. Meeting K-9 made Mickey really uneasy because he realized, that was the role that he played. He was the tin dog tagging around, someone to back them up when they did it, and give them a laugh, when they need it. In the end, Mickey asks to join the Doctor an Rose in the TARDIS, and the Doctor agrees. Rose doesn’t seem to comfortable with the idea, and looks annoyed, like how a girl would be annoyed with her little brother when she’s with a guy that she likes. I feel really bad for Mickey at this point, because he’s the one always getting left behind, and Rose doesn’t seem to appreciate him. Having Mickey around for they’re next adventure should be very interesting.