Once again, I feel bad for Rose. Prior to this episode, I had never seen the Doctor make such a connection with a woman aside from Rose, and it doesn’t help that Madame de Pampadour was extremely beautiful. Also, it seemed that the Doctor had a strong romantic connection with Reinette, more so than whatever connection he had with Rose. It seemed as though he had almost fallen in love with her, and she with him.  I felt the most for Rose when Mickey was teasing her about the Doctor and all the women, because I’m sure that this was something she had thought of before, especially after meeting Sarah Jane Smith, but for the first time, someone called it.

I found the whole idea of time in this episode really interesting. Reinette lived her life at the normal pace of time, but the Doctor could go in and out of different points of her life through the different windows in the spaceship. he met Reinette when she was a young girl, and in only a short amount of time, perhaps merely minutes, the Doctor went back through the fireplace and she was a woman. The whole idea of “the slow path” and “the quick path” was sad to me, because they kept comparing how they experienced each other, which shows why it would be so difficult for the Doctor to have any kind of real relationship with a woman, because he will always be on a different path, and she would always have to be on the slow path.

This was definitely a love story of some sort. A twisted one, but a love story nonetheless. She meets the Doctor who appears in her bedroom when she was a young girl, and then meets him again when she’s older, but he’s at the same age, and then they kiss. He was almost like her imaginary friend. However, what made her so special was that she, too, could see the past of the Doctor, his childhood, and all that he had been through. He was amazed by this, but I’m sure it must have felt nice to have someone truly understand all that he ad been through. The fact that she was able to do so I’m sure is what made the Doctor fall in love with her. He never explicitly says that he loves her, but with the way he was looking at her, and with the way he resigned to the fact that he might live in that time with her and take the slow path, it seemed that he did.

Although the Clockwork Androids were really creepy, especially seeing them in the dark in Reinettes room, they were much less significant than what was going on  between the Doctor and Reinette, and how it affected Rose. It was the saddest thing to watch the Doctor come back to take Reinette to the stars only to find that she had already passed away. This shows that the Doctor will never be able to love someone the way normal people do, despite how much he might want to. This also explains why he keeps his distance from Rose, at least in a romantic way.