The earpods seem like a nod to the evolution of technology now, and how technology can cause the devolution of humans. These earpods were used to get into the minds of the humans, and manipulate them, which an extreme case of what technology does for us now. This was the first step for the humans to become Cybermen, whose main purpose was to de humanize the humans and “upgrade” them. we can see a lot of socio-political elements here, with the whole de- humanizing of humans through the manipulation of technology and the “upgrade” of humans and deletion of “rogue elements.” The fact that humans become Cybermen after their “upgrade” cannot really be considered an upgrade, at least not in the realm of humanity. If anything, it is the devolution of human beings.

The very fact that the upgrade upgrade happens with machines and pipes everywhere shows that these human beings are to be made into machines themselves, losing all their emotion, and their identities. It was the rise of the factory that brought about the industrial revolution, which is the classic example of de- humanizing people, having them work like robots and lose their own human functions and ideas.

Having Pete decline Rose’s invitation to join them in the TARDIS and his inability to accept her as his daughter was extremely heartbreaking, but once again reiterating that the parallel universe is only an alternative, but doesn’t let the impossible happen. This shows that Pete and Rose cannot exist together, in the same universe. We can also see this when Ricky dies, and Mickey decides to stay behind. They couldn’t both exist in the same universe, so it only made sense that Ricky died. I liked the idea that Mickey was going to stay behind, not because I didn’t like him, but it was nice to see him take action, and for a change, it was as if he was the one leaving Rose. Although technically, she left him again.

I liked Mickey’s character, and what he contributed to the show, so I was sad to find out that he really wasn’t going to come back, and that this might be the last time we’ll see him. But like I said, it was good to see him do something extreme for himself. This decision was timely, given the fact that right before they landed in that parallel universe, he was telling the Doctor and ose how he felt like he was being taken for granted.

The end of this episode seemed to be a really sad one for Rose, because she was somewhat rejected by the two men in her life, Pete Tyler and Mickey. She lost both of them to a parallel universe, possibly never seeing them again, because the Doctor said that they would not be able to come back because they would have to close the hole in time, therefore closing the path to that parallel universe. Having lost her father and her lover, there the Doctor is to console her and make her feel better yet again. It seems that whatever figures she had lost in her father and in Mickey, she finds in the Doctor.