In this episode, “The Idiot’s Lantern,” we see how technology, and during this time, the television was the most advanced form of technology, is used to manipulate the minds of people. we talk all the time about how, people get lost in watching television, or we always used the expression “his face is stuck to the television.” In this case, people actually do get lost inside the television, and peoples faces literally sucked in by the television until their faces are stuck inside, leaving faceless bodies wandering. The only way for television to survive, the only way for it to continue on is if people keep watching it, and if people keep depending on it. The television needs people to be “stuck” to it in order for it to be useful, or else people will find other forms of technology. In the same way, the woman talking on the television, who is actually an alien calling itself “the Wire,” needs the faces of the people in order to survive and recreate its body.

We see how integral the television plays in the live of these people, especially during the time of an important event, like the coronation of the Queen. They look to the television to make them feel like they are part of the event, to make them feel informed. This is how powerful the television is, and why humans can be compared to “idiots,” with how dependent there on it, and how easily captured they are by the TV.

Rose has really become a great companion for the Doctor, and has become so alert and inquisitive. When they first go to the house to question the Connollys, she is goofy and silly, much like how the Doctor usually is. It’s nice to see this, because it shows how much of the Doctor is rubbing off on her, and how she can still have fun with the situation, just like the Doctor. She’s also proved herself to be an integral part in solving the mysteries, with her going off on her own and trying to figure things out on her own. Slowly, Rose is becoming not just his companion, but more of his partner.

Doctor Who as a show, especially the Doctor himself, has always held women in high regard. In this episode, we see how Mr. Connolly treats his wife, Mrs. Connolly in such a condescending manner. We see how rude he is to her, and how he won’t allow her to speak her mind and do as she pleases. Finally, we see Mrs. Connolly fight back and kick him out of the house, showing how the show portrays women– strong and resilient.

In the end of the episode, Rose tries to convince Tommy to go after his father and try and mend their relationship. Here we see how much importance Rose gives to relationships with fathers, especially because this episode follows “the Age of Steel,” where Rose got to see Pete Tyler, but he refused to go along with her, thus showing that in the real world, Rose cannot live with her father.