First of all, I think it’s quite interesting that we saw this episode one week prior to the first one, giving us the same feel of how others regularly view the show. Like all cliffhanger episodes, this one really had me saddled up because I was anxious to see how the rest of the story unfolds. A lot of conflicts remained unresolved, the answers to the questions weren’t met, and the child still cannot find his mummy. Now, there are a lot of them who seem to be looking for their mummies, and the Doctor, Rose and Captain Jack find themselves stuck in a pickle.  Putting myself in place of a die-hard fan, or a regular fan, to that case, I would just go nuts in this episode because the one week wait is long and painful enough for a fan.

Who would have thought that the cause of all the supposed “infection” was the nanogene, a form of matter of some sort that was demurely introduced in the previous episode.  Actually, no one would have though that, because the nanogene was supposed to make everything, well, better. However, a minor glitch caused a widespread infection, leading everyone coming in contact with an infected one, growing a gas mask on, and starting their estranged quest to look for their mummies. However, this wasn’t the biggest twist of the episode. Apparently, the nanogenes came out of the shuttle that captain Jack was looking for, and the first thing it tries to “fix”, due to its nature to fix things, was a child wearing a gas mask, looking for her mother. Because of that, a zombie type infection busted out, and it created a seemingly scary setting for the episode, when in fact, it’s actually quite sad. This has got to be one of the best resolutions to any television episode ever. The timing was perfect, and the revelation of Nancy being a scared teenage mother couldn’t have came in more perfectly. Going back to my previous claim that the Doctor is starting to grow human emotions, he was the one who realized that Nancy was a scared teenage mother, and that no one could blame her because who would accept a teenage mother during a time like that?

However, my favorite scene was when the nanogenes started to recognize the match of the child’s DNA with the mother’s. The Doctor can be seen from afar, with hope in his eyes and an unexplainable joy in his face, as he says, “Everybody lives! Just this once!” I think this is the best part of the episode because as the resolution started to unfold, one would see the Doctor having the best interest for the humans. Being a man of his stature, hopping through space and time, he must’ve seen worse, and the fact that everybody “lived” at that moment was so significant for him, must have been refreshing for the fans.