It was interesting to see the Doctor and Rose work with other humans, and work in a team. I found it really funny when the Doctor was praising them for what they were doing, but then moves on to say that he couldn’t call them genius because the Doctor was there. Funny how we are all always thinking about the Doctor as a genius and how amazing he is, and here he is thinking the exact same thing. I like that the Doctor knows his strengths but doesn’t seem to be arrogant towards people. He just seems to be really proud of himself, as he should be. But in this team, the Doctor seemed to be in good company, because they seemed to know all this scientific hulabaloo about orbiting the black hole and this amazed the Doctor.

The whole idea with the Ood being “slaves” was interesting because this seemed to shock Rose quite a bit. I don’t understand why she was so shocked though, because it wasn’t as if the humans were treating them badly, as how ancient slaves were treated. The Ood were alot like household help, which is not a very ancient idea so I dont know why this would disturb Rose so much. But the fact that she seemed to distressed about it was perhaps a foreshadowing of future events. She knew that something was wrong, and that there was something not right with the Ood.

Toby did a pretty good job of creeping me out. I think the idea of possession is really scary, especially because this is something we associate with the devil. All the signs and symbols around Tobys body gave the villain even more depth, because now we know that there was some ancient dimension to it, making it more inclined to be the devil. Its interesting that they tapped into the idea of the devil because for many, this can be either a superstitious belief, or something deeper, something rooted in religion and faith.

In this episode we saw Rose and the Doctor talking about possibly living a normal life with mortgages and all that. The conversation they had regarding this was a lighthearted one, and they both seemed to smile at the idea. I sensed alot more romantic possibilities in this episode, but I’m not sure if this is a good thing. There’s no denying that the Rose and the Doctor have chemistry together, and we see this now more than in the first series, but I don’t know if I like the idea of them actually being together. Part of the fun and the charm of the show is the whole confusion and tension about the Doctor’s relationship with Rose and I’m afraid that them being together might be too tacky. Also, it obviously will not end well, with the Doctor being the Doctor, and Rose being Rose, a human. I did think it was a bit sweet, though, when she kissed his helmet before he went out of the ship.