I’m not sure how much I like this episode as a two part, just because it was all a bit heavy for me. It wasn’t as goofy or insane as the usual episodes of Doctor Who, but here we are dealing with very serious things like faith and beliefs and the devil. It might have been a bit too serious for me, at least in the context of Doctor Who.

The Doctor isn’t fighting off aliens, or robots or anything like that, but he’s fighting the devil. The idea of the devil is something so universally evil, and so ultimately frightening and almost hopeless. The Doctor is tackling something so big, that it is the root of all evil. I felt that this was a bit too impossible. I believe so much in the Doctor and I think he’s a genius, but the devil, now really? This was probably the most intense and the largest (both in size and idea, for lack of a better term) enemy the Doctor has had to face. The fact that the Doctor can defeat him means not only that the Doctor is nothing short of amazing and genius, but that the devil must not be so bad after all. If the goal of this episode was to get people to see the devil as weak and lackluster, then they were successful, but the danger is that people might start looking at the Doctor as some sort of god (fanatics, beware). There is some extreme deus ex machina going on in this episode.

I wasn’t very impressed with the image of the devil, although the setting, and the idea of it being in the core of the universe were interesting, the image was very typical. Yes, it was scary and yes it was menacing but it seemed more tortured than scary, really.I wish they had made it more unpredictable, not necessarily totally far from our ideas of what the devil looks like but I was not all that amazed with the monster.

I never thought of the Doctor having any religion. I always figured that if he’s seen it all, he’s seen the universe and how it was created and destroyed, that it would be difficult for him to believe in a greater being, or a greater power. But we see here that the kind of faith that the Doctor has is not a faith in a higher being or anything of the sort, but it is a faith in other people, and in the capabilities of others. I especially liked it when the Doctor said that if there was one thing he believed in, it was Rose. The cheesiness in me got really mushy with him saying that.With Rose’s refusal to leave the Doctor, and his expression of faith towards her we see that even when they are apart, they still have so much chemistry.