I loved this episode. That coming from someone who likes the show mostly for David Tennant, and he barely appears in this episode. but I loved it because it was something totally different, refreshing, and from a different perspective. It was also really fun, and a good follow up to something as serious as “Satans Pit.”

I always wondered if people had been suspicious of the Doctor, other than the characters we’ve actually seen interacting with him. So many weird things have been happening in London, and the Doctor is usually the center of it all so it would be highly unlikely for no one to have ever spotted him or wonder about him. This is the first time that show is done from the perspective of ordinary people who don’t really have connections with the Doctor, aside from the fact that they’re all really curious about him. it was a nice change, and a good way to make the show and the Doctor seem more real, because here we get the testimonies of ordinary people and how they’ve experienced the Doctor and everything that’s been happening.

I found Elton Pope to be extremely hilarious. With his filming himself via video camera, and his awkward and unassuming comments, he kept me laughing pretty much every time he spoke. I found his little romance with Ursula quite charming, too, because they were two ordinary, geeky people brought together by something they were equally obsessed with.It is through Ursula that Elton gets to meet the rest of the group, which comprised of Bliss, Bridget and Mr. Skinner. Together they formed LINDA (London Investigation ‘n’ Detective Agency) I found this name hilarious, not only because of the “n” that Elton hilariously stressed, but because the word “LINDA” didn’t sound so bad ass or intimidating, it was a woman’s name. Also, they weren’t really a “London Investigation ‘n’ Detective Agency” because all they ever really discussed was the Doctor. so maybe they should have just been called DINDA. But that sounds even more ridiculous.

It was interesting to see this group of what we would call, fans, meeting and discussing their thoughts about the Doctor. We see how they interpret the Doctor with their sculptures and all that, and how they found friendship through all of this.In class we learned about the ideas of fanatics, and cults and how these usually spring form people who are marginalized, and not really part of the “mainstream.” This is how LINDA was. They were a bunch of people who all had this odd obsession and curiosity for the Doctor, something that not a lot of people paid attention to, and somewhere along the way, they stopped talking so much about the Doctor and just began sharing their other interests. After awhile, it almost looked like a self help group, actually.

Although I found the idea of the Abzorbaloff really cool, especially after finding out that he was created by a 9 year old, I wish LINDA had never ended. I found their little group so endearing, and I was sad to see some alien destroy them. But then again, that’s Doctor Who for you.