I was alarmed to hear in the beginning of the episode that Rose was going to die. I didn’t believe that she would actually die, because I thought she was too important a character, so I was expecting a really awful twist in the story. It may have been anti-climactic for others to know the ending of the story, but I was highly intrigued to hear that something fatal would happen to her.

The scene where the Rose and the Doctor watch dragons fly by in a canyon was quite beautiful and it really painted the picture that they were more of a couple than a mentor-companion duo. The Doctor allowed himself to be vulnerable by asking how long Rose would stay with him, and this indicated that he was started to let down his guard and be more open to more than just a platonic relationship. I think this snippet of a scene also served to highlight the fact that the duo had spent quite a lot of time together, including events that weren’t told in the series.

When Rose and the Doctor arrived back in present-time London, they were, for once, out of the loop on ‘scifi’ happenings. I think Jackie deserved to be smug about knowing more about the ‘ghosts’ than they did, because Rose and the Doctor usually knew more than she.  The fact that society immediately accepted the ghosts reminds me of the way people today tend to skim over the negative side of celebrities in the media and simply accept their good sides, such as with what’s happening with Charlie Sheen.

I found Yvonne Hartmann incredibly irksome because of her higher-than-thou attitude and the fact that she exuded an aura of knowing more about things than the Doctor. It was funny though, that the Doctor didn’t fear her at all and seemed to view her as more like a pesky thing to be dealt with. I like the concept of Torchwood because it seems like a highly organized and government-sanctioned task force that is bent on tracking the Doctor’s whereabouts, while he himself seems to have hardly any inkling or care for it. The government probably funneled plenty of tax funds into the project, but it didn’t seem so successful at learning anything.

I really loved the climactic ending of the episode – Cybermen and Daleks! It was an ending of literally epic proportions. If the Master had been involved, it would have been a triple-threat, no-holds-barred kind of episode. Still, the presence of both immensely-difficult-to-defeat monsters really notched up the ante for me and made me hit the next button so I could view the next episode.