Prior to the last episode, Bad Wolf is a good way to bring back the viewers’ faith on the show. With the use of popular television shows as a starting plot for the episode, one cannot help but be hooked in to the rest of the episode. Particularly in the Philippines, shows like the Weakest Link and Big Brother are quite popular and have in them a created cultural context that we have all grown quite familiar with. However, there are certain twists in the shows that when one gets eliminated, one also gets annihilated. I cannot help but think of the parallelism that it has with our shows here, particularly Pinoy Big Brother. In a way, the people who get eliminated have, in a way, been also obliterated from the social world. They have exposed so much about them by having Big Brother exploit them in so many ways that in a way, they are as good as terminated.

Throughout the season, there have been mild hints of the words Bad Wolf. If one was quite attentive, one would have easily noted it and at least have had a hunch of what greater scheme it was part of. It was set a hundred years after the Long Game episode. It just goes to show how my previous theory of how everything was “pre-destined” for them. Every episode, wherever place and time they land into, whatever mysterious rift brought them there, was part of a greater scheme. This episode was a starting point to what seems to be a very good final episode. I actually had goosebumps when I saw a million Daleks hovering around the space ship outside. However, what gave my goosebumps goosebumps was when the Doctor challenged the Daleks by saying, “Rose…I’m going to get you.” With no fear in his eye and not a rattle in his voice, he will go up against millions of Daleks, and the best part is, one knows he doesn’t have a clear plan, and yet, one will know he’ll succeed.

To be honest, due to the colourful nature of the episode, I really did not expect a very serious conclusion to this episode—that the Daleks were behind everything. The game shows really threw me off course, and I thought that those were the biggest enemies that they’d encounter thus far.

Bad Wolf finally made itself present, and it’s out to get everyone. And in the face of dire need, we all turn to one being, the Time Lord, the Doctor.