Alas! The Daleks have returned. At this point, Bad Wolf, after making several subtle hints all throughout the season, it has finally revealed its true scheme. I may not have been attentive enough to notice all the clues, but I was open to the idea that a recurring character will re-appear, to add to the fact that The Parting of Ways should make up for a very good final episode. After a very good set-up by the previous episode, I just couldn’t wait how the season would unfold.

Here they are, the Doctor and Jack, rounding up all the men they could, with a Braveheart of a speech, they gathered a few able-bodied, strong willed, good men (and few women). The Doctor didn’t have a clear plan, but one would know that he will pull through in the end. However, he did have a plan this time, but it only included sending Rose back into “reality.” I can only imagine what Rose was feeling then, going back to earth, in her regular life, while at the back of her head, she can only think of what the Doctor and the others must be going through. It was really a hard time for them both, but it had to happen.

Side note: In the episode Boom Town, the Doctor, after showing Margaret the inside of the TARDIS, and explaining to him that it is a living thing, kind of gave a small introduction of the imminent moments that will be going on.

Going back to Rose, after she was sent back by the Doctor, he finds a way to convince her mother that she really needed to get back, and she did, but taking on a different form of some sort. The TARDIS apparently gave her supreme powers that would eventually lead to the easy defeat of the Daleks. However, she couldn’t control the powers, and it was slowly killing her. So the Doctor, had to step in and “suck” all the magic out of her. And guess what, it was all part of the greatest scheme of all—and that was to replace Christopher Eccleston. The regeneration plot of the whole Doctor Who series served as its backbone, making it last decades, without causing much confusion and anxiety amongst the viewers and die-hard fans alike.

I must say that this episode really made one good hell of a season finale. I also think that the Deux Ex Machina phenomena was so befitting for this episode, as it kind of summed up one undeniable fact—the TARDIS is awesome. Even though Rose saving the Doctor in a Messianic way was a bit cheesy for me, it was still a good twist because after all they have been through, it’s refreshing to see that Rose does play a big part in all their adventures, and with the help of the mighty TARDIS, she wipes the place clean of Daleks, and in turn, to also save herself, the Doctor has no choice but to go through an early regeneration phase. What a way to hook the viewers—change the Doctor.