This episode really had a weird start. I felt like I missed something because there was no warning that came before the scene where The Doctor enters the Big Brother House. After the opening theme, it became even more weird because Rose Tyler and Captain Jack were also present in other television game shows. And there was still no explanation. Somehow, this sort of storytelling doesn’t appeal that much to me because I find it hard to appreciate and think about the jokes and stuff when I’m busy trying to figure out what happened to the main characters.

But of course, after the proper explanations had been given, I started to like this episode because of its difference to most episodes. I am amused that once there is no longer any great urge to have my question answered, I am able to appreciate the episode for its unique storytelling.

I like how the show used popular television shows like Big Brother and Weakest Link and turned them into really sick activities. Although the TV shows portrayed in this episode were obviously exaggerated for the sake of the story (and to entertain the viewers of course), I personally think this was an attack on real television ‘reality’ shows that seem to play with the lives of the contestants. These shows have become really popular that there is always new concepts that allow the ‘host’ (the android, the big brother) to play god and manipulate the events that occur in the contestants ‘real adventure.’

I liked the mystery that surrounded the TV station/game company. And I absolutely loved it when the Daleks were finally unmasked and exposed to be the ones behind all the evil doings. In a previous episode, there was already a ton of trouble when The Doctor and Rose Tyler had to fight ONE Dalek. I really want to see what would happen in a fight with half a million Daleks!