Well, I have to say I was disappointed with how the episode started. I was expecting a bit more from how the Daleks would prevent The Doctor from rescuing Rose Tyler. I did not expect that to be done with in less than a minute… Apparently it is pretty easy for The Doctor to enter the base of the Daleks and not be hurt in even a small way.

I also did not like the Daleks in this episode. Obviously, there was something wrong with them because they weren’t that much of a threat to The Doctor after all. The Emperor of the Daleks also seemed pretty weak for someone who thinks it is a god. It really struck me as cheesy when the Dalek soldiers actually moved away from The Doctor when he screamed at them. I thought they didn’t have any emotion? Even a good human soldier wouldn’t just back away from a reprimanding scream…

The last thing I really didn’t like was how David Tennant was introduced. Because I’ve never seen the old episodes of Doctor Who, I don’t know if that’s really how The Doctor changes his face (by ‘cheating death’), but it really seemed like a scapegoat to how Tennant would become the main character.

Aside from that, I liked this episode. This is especially because of all the emotions that were present in many of the scene. After watching this one, I developed a fondness for Captain Jack and his bravery. The Doctor also shines when he tricks Rose into escaping safely while he decides to end everything with the Daleks. But of course, Rose Tyler is still the star of this episode for me. Not only is SHE ACTUALLY THE BAD WOLF, here we see her really doing things her way. Usually she just does what The Doctor says, and sometimes she seems to be pretty dumb. But here, she disobeys The Doctor entirely, shows her very mature self, and saves everyone because of it.

Overall, I think it was a nice way to end the first season. The Bad Wolf ‘hook’ was finally solved, the Daleks were EXTERMINATED and the new actor for the next season to come was introduced with a bang.