Like any other “season opener,” as I’d like to call it, the very first episode of a new season is crucial in setting the grounds on what to expect in the new season. In this case, we have a new Doctor, as portrayed by David Tennant, but basically, he’s still Christopher Eccleston, who regenerated into a new form.  Simply put, he’s still the same, but in a very big way, he’s not.

As the ladies in this class would put it, David Tennant has more appeal and charm than the previous Doctor. According to them, he is also way good looking than Eccleston. However, he has a lot of shoe-space to fill, and a lot of expectations that he needs to meet. This very first episode of the new season should be able to do so, in hopes of keeping its viewers still intact.

In this episode, they find themselves in a new earth. In that planet lies a very fancy hospital that is managed by cat nurses. On a side note, I really think the cat nurses are a hilarious plot to the episode. Cats are animals that have lived to grasp the love of the people, but cannot, because basically, people are more of dog lovers than friends of felines. So having them for nurses kinds of puts me at an uneasy place.  Anyway, another recurring character appears in this episode. Coincidentally, the first time we met Cassandra was in an episode called the End of the World in season one, and now, she’s back in a New Earth. So what’s up with her and travelling worlds? In her ultimate quest to restore her beauty, she apparently does everything that she can to preserve the rest of her face. However this time, I guess with the help of New Earth’s state of the art technology, she finally gets what she wants, a human body.  Although, she doesn’t approve of Rose’s body, stirring things up for a hilarious dialogue.

A favorite theme of the Doctor Who serial, “Zombies” in the form of diseased people pose a threat to the hospital and eventually, the New Earth outside, once everyone gets infected too. They do stop the threat eventually, and they focus more on convincing Cassandra to give Rose’s body back. A series of flashbacks reveal why Cassandra’s beauty is so important to her. A melancholic ending of the episode, Cassandra’s character finally achieves a sense of fulfilment, and I don’t think she’d be returning in any episode soon.

David Tennant proved to be a worthy Doctor in this episode as he portrayed a natural, cool and the right amount of mystery and charm in playing the Doctor’s character. A smooth transition indeed, pulled off by David Tennant and the brilliant writing of the show’s writers, I cannot wait for the upcoming episodes in this season.